About Us

Our Goal

Our aim is to get you more marketing and sales by providing high quality graphics for your product, business or services, making your amazing and innovative project look more beautiful and professional.


We aim at delivering your project fast, most of the designs are delivered within 12-24 hours of placing the order. Get in touch with us right now, give us the details, and you'll have your own personalized design within 24 hours!

High Quality

Our designs are high quality, and we make sure that everything we deliver is worked on as per your personal preference.


Yes, we provide high quality designs and make sure that the client is satisfied, but that doesn't mean that we charge you hundreds of bucks. Our service is quite cheap and affordable, we work on desings keeping your budget in mind.

Im speechless, this user went out of his way to create GFX for me and it's gorgeous, he responds immediately and he revised the work 1 - 4 times, ensuring it was perfect. Can't thank Sahaj enough, you will definitely be satisfied with his work!

Bromden | HF User

Previously known as Hummingbird Designs, Silverline Studios is the new name of my freelance graphics designing service, promising better quality and services than ever before.

We have worked with over 200+ unique clients, from over 10+ different countries. Every project is designed like it's for our own use, and we make it perfect that way. We've worked on over 400+ different projects, and we keep working on a project till the client is satisfied.

There's no "We", I'm an 19 year-old individual, who taught himself graphics designing by practicing and experimenting. My name is Sahaj and I've been doing graphics designing for almost 5 years now.

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What our Clients say?

"Sahaj worked me through it and was very careful with the design to make sure it actually matched my forum. I love the banner, it's probably my favorite thing about my forum now."
"Huge vouch for Sahaj! Amazing GFX artist. One of the best on HF hands down and his prices are beyond amazing! Don't hesitate to purchase his services, you will NOT be disappointed!"
"Worked extensively with Sahaj on multiple designs. Everything came out satisfactorily and I'll definitely be using his services for future needs."

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